While talking about Air Conditioners, all of us must understand that they cannot be thought of as a luxury item anymore. The temperature rises more and more on the same summer day every calendar year. While the temperature rises, the water vapor we give off causes the humidity level in a room to shoot up. These factors combined together cause perspiration and discomfort and ACs are a must in today’s day and age to alleviate that pressure on us. Today when you walk into a building, be it an office, residence, retail store or hospital, you will most definitely see an AC on a window or a wall. Here’s the top 10 Air Conditioners, not in order, to consider to beat the heat:


The company based in Tokyo, Japan has garnered the respect of countless customers throughout their time in the market. Their products provide self-cleaning and efficient cooling. They’re doing their part for the environment and sustainability as well. 


Another Japanese brand to make it into the list, Daikin ACs have the utmost demand amongst people. They have most recently brought in the inverter AC concept and seek to provide a high level of cooling with power consumption still under control.


A 64 year old multinational continue based out of India, Voltas has been producing Air Conditioners and Refrigerators for the market since the start. Burj Khalifa has all its ACs of this same brand.


A Whirlpool AC is not just affordable but has cutting edge technology like turbo cool and MPFI at their disposal. Their Japanese compressor and rapid heat exchange do the trick for them.


Formerly known as Matsushita Electrical Industrial, Panasonic has become one of the most reliable producers in the market today. Their revolutionary design lets their ACs detect the amount of cooling required based on the existing heat.

Blue Star

When people look for affordability, provision of good cooling and usage of innovative technology,  Blue Star is the name which comes to the mind. One of the oldest brands, they recently collaborated with Hitachi.


The appliances of this company are known for producing lesser emissions, lesser energy, and water consumption.  Specialized in the ACE system, they are a well-known brand.


Started from manufacturing kitchen appliances, now they’re here! An ox guard, three-stage filter, and air cooling technology make these ACs efficient.


Well known for producing mobile phones, Samsung ACs are top of the line as well. Features like humidity control, turbo cleaning and energy efficiency make Samsung a good pic.


LG has dabbled in the production of all household appliances and now have set out to excel in the AC making business as well. Their features like jet cooling, plasma filtration and inverter technology makes them a force to be reckoned with in the market.

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