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5 DIY Ways To Increase The Humidity In Your Home (Without Purchasing A Humidifier)

When it comes to matters regarding your health, the humidity in your air is very important hvac repair may need to be sought after if it’s not at the right level.

It’s said that dry air can cause respiratory problems like cold or flu, which you definitely would not like.

But what if you were told that you can have a better health condition if you have appropriate humidity levels?

“Humidity levels in your home during the winter should be between 30 – 40%”,  Therma-stor reveals.

Therma-stor also reveals that your humidity can reach up to 50 percent during the summer; preventing mildew, mold, and bacteria growth.

In addition, hardwood floors should have the right humidity level because the boards are likely to swell when the humidity is high.

Below are 5 ways to increase the humidity in your home (without purchasing a humidifier.)

1) Vent Your Dryer Inside

Sometimes you may not have the time to let your clothes line-dry. No worries, you can install a simple kit that will enable you to vent a dryer inside your house.

The best of all is that not only will moisture formed while drying your clothes stay in the house, but will also save you the burden of heating extra costs.

2) Put Bowl(s) Of Water On Top Of Registers

This hack has worked for many and it can work for you too. Just place either a ceramic or a metallic bowl on your floor.

Water will evaporate, depending on the amount of humidity that’s in your home at the time. For some people, it will take up to seven days for the water to evaporate from a medium-sized bowl.

3) Bathers, Let The Water Cool Before Draining

It may be fun to soak in the tub, but what if you kept your door open to let let your water cool to room temperature? Is that something you’d be interested in?

If you keep your door open such that your water cool, warm air will be able to evaporate in your house, but don’t do this if you have kids in your home.

4) Get A Few Houseplants

Houseplants will help in improving the humidity of your home. But how?

Plants normally release moisture through their leaves and stems as vapor through a process called transpiration. The only thing you need to do is to water them.

5) Let Your Dishes Air-Dry

If you have never tried opening your dishwasher before the cycle is heated, you should.

You will realize that hot whoosh of air will come out. And if you also want to save your energy, this would be a better way.

Bottom Line

If you were not familiar with any of these humidity hacks, at least now you know and you can try them out to see the results. They have been tested and proven to be working. So, go ahead and jump into the bandwagon. Good luck!

Top 10 Air Conditioner brands of 2018

Top 10 Air Conditioner brands of 2018

While talking about Air Conditioners, all of us must understand that they cannot be thought of as a luxury item anymore. The temperature rises more and more on the same summer day every calendar year. While the temperature rises, the water vapor we give off causes the humidity level in a room to shoot up. These factors combined together cause perspiration and discomfort and ACs are a must in today’s day and age to alleviate that pressure on us. Today when you walk into a building, be it an office, residence, retail store or hospital, you will most definitely see an AC on a window or a wall. Here’s the top 10 Air Conditioners, not in order, to consider to beat the heat:


The company based in Tokyo, Japan has garnered the respect of countless customers throughout their time in the market. Their products provide self-cleaning and efficient cooling. They’re doing their part for the environment and sustainability as well. 


Another Japanese brand to make it into the list, Daikin ACs have the utmost demand amongst people. They have most recently brought in the inverter AC concept and seek to provide a high level of cooling with power consumption still under control.


A 64 year old multinational continue based out of India, Voltas has been producing Air Conditioners and Refrigerators for the market since the start. Burj Khalifa has all its ACs of this same brand.


A Whirlpool AC is not just affordable but has cutting edge technology like turbo cool and MPFI at their disposal. Their Japanese compressor and rapid heat exchange do the trick for them.


Formerly known as Matsushita Electrical Industrial, Panasonic has become one of the most reliable producers in the market today. Their revolutionary design lets their ACs detect the amount of cooling required based on the existing heat.

Blue Star

When people look for affordability, provision of good cooling and usage of innovative technology,  Blue Star is the name which comes to the mind. One of the oldest brands, they recently collaborated with Hitachi.


The appliances of this company are known for producing lesser emissions, lesser energy, and water consumption.  Specialized in the ACE system, they are a well-known brand.


Started from manufacturing kitchen appliances, now they’re here! An ox guard, three-stage filter, and air cooling technology make these ACs efficient.


Well known for producing mobile phones, Samsung ACs are top of the line as well. Features like humidity control, turbo cleaning and energy efficiency make Samsung a good pic.


LG has dabbled in the production of all household appliances and now have set out to excel in the AC making business as well. Their features like jet cooling, plasma filtration and inverter technology makes them a force to be reckoned with in the market.

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Types of HVAC systems

Types of HVAC systems

HVAC is short to heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. It’s an entire framework with the sole motivation behind making the indoor condition tenably agreeable. HVAC frameworks are right now accessible in four unique composes. These four kinds of HVAC frameworks all come in various sizes and determinations to suit your business or home.

Heating and AC split system:

Split frameworks are the greatest of the warming and aerating and cooling frameworks. These are the conventional kinds of HVAC framework where you have segments of the entire framework that are both inside and outside the building. HVAC split frameworks will normally have:

  • An aeration and cooling system that cools the refrigerant
  • Heaters and a fan or evaporator curl to change the refrigerant and course the air
  • Pipes that bring air all through your building
  • A control board/indoor regulator to deal with the framework
  • The intermittent discretionary embellishments for quality indoor air, for example, air cleaners, purifiers, humidifiers, UV lights et cetera

Hybrid heat split system:

The half-breed warm split framework is a propelled variant of the great HVAC split framework that has an enhanced vitality viability. At the point when incorporated into these sorts of HVAC frameworks, a warmth pump will permit the alternative of having an electrically energized HVAC up or more the commonplace gas heaters. A perfect half and half warmth split framework that is financially savvy will have:

  • A warmth pump that warms or cools the refrigerant
  • Heaters in addition to the evaporator loop for change of the refrigerant and flow of air
  • The conduits to channel the air around your building

AC and duct-free heating system:

A pipe free HVAC gives great establishments to spots and regions where the conventional frameworks with pipes can’t go. These frameworks are likewise in a perfect world extraordinary compliments to existing ducted kinds of HVAC frameworks. Pipe free frameworks will have the accompanying;

  • The warmth pump or an aeration and cooling system to heat\cool the refrigerant
  • A fan curl that is conservative
  • Wires and tubing for the refrigerant, associating the open air unit to the fan loop

Packaged system:

A bundled HVAC framework is the answer for those homes and workplaces without sufficient spaces for all the different various segments of the split frameworks. Bundled warming and aerating and cooling frameworks will deal with kept spaces that range from whole homes to the one-stayed units, across the board bundle.

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